June 21, 2007

Finding time.

Well I haven't found time to paint more silk at the moment as I am in serious transition mode. As in rearranging the house to accommodate kids, storage issues and my studio/study. So I have decided to post some of my previous silks and show you from recent to past history what I can do.

The pictures here show my most recent work which sadly enough was commenced at the beginning of 2006 and hasn't been completed due to many excuses and distractions.

The first shot is a detail of melded colours with a copper gutta to highlight the pattern I was working on.
The next shot shows a detail of the pattern developing in a very free mode, I create as I go and always have the design in my 'head' and occasionally sketch down my ideas, but mainly use my canvas (the 'silk') for bringing out the final design.

The third shot is taken in the back courtyard (the house I live in has very ugly colours throughout, Oh the irony!) anyway this shot was not taken to highlight the ugly house but the overall length of canvas I am working on which when finished will be a silk scarf. The scarf measures 1500mm (length) x 150mm (width). A standard I find that wraps around the neck nicely.

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