September 09, 2011


Again more promises..." it will happen". I need little mantras to let myself believe I will get this baby up and running. So I 'promise' I will have some images taken over the weekend and start to get back on track with creativity!!! So a little image for inspiration...

March 14, 2011

Lost in translation....

Well, I certainly am the biggest fibber of all time. My last post, when was it May 2009?... had me decree that I was all set to go back into production with my silk painting, but no what happens is I became pregnant and within weeks of that last post I had very strong morning sickness for 3 months. Anyway to cut a long story short I have since had another beautiful baby, called Sebastian who will be turning One at the end of this month! So we have much to celebrate.

However I digress, basically I am determined to resurrect "Lilli Sparrow" and instead of grand statements I am going to pull out my old silks and photograph them, then post the photographs up on this blog. I have been in a rather big state of creative lull, where I was feeling my work wasn't developing in a way that I liked. That and with the time constraints of working whilst pregnant and looking after 2 other little people left me very tried and consumed with family life and not tending to my creative needs nearly enough. However, almost 2 years later (can you believe it) I am feeling alot more energised and ready to 'take flight' to coin a well used phrase.

As well as setting up my freelance Interior design business I am going to be revisiting my passions, as in creating artwork, painting silk etc (I'll embellish on this further, later). I am truly wanting to get back in touch with all the aspects of my life that I have left floundering or laying low, especially my hobbies, interests and recreation.

So as of tomorrow which is my day where two children are at school & kindy, leaves me the opportunity to upload the first of my 'Old' work where I can scrutinise and decide if it's worth 'developing further', 'framing' or being a 'one off' piece. I welcome any feedback, laughing to myself as I may well indedd be talking to myself. However I have never had a problem with that, just shows my creative thinking is back ;)...

May 12, 2009

More to come....

We are about to go back into production :-) cheekily I have become very inspired and am about to remount silks onto their stretchers and resumed painting...

With much anticipation I will record my efforts shortly...

Lil x

September 10, 2007

More to come

Stay tuned I have more to add, I just felt I needed to add another little jotting cause this blog was receiving no *love*. It will and soon.

August 27, 2007

My framed 'Silk painting'

I painted this years ago. Seriously it must be like 1994/95 before I had moved to Melbourne. But then again I haven't been keeping a very good record with the time line of all my paintings. I have however photographed most of them!

So here's the photo's I finally took yesterday. Sun shining, no flash required and pure colour comes through:

June 21, 2007

Finding time.

Well I haven't found time to paint more silk at the moment as I am in serious transition mode. As in rearranging the house to accommodate kids, storage issues and my studio/study. So I have decided to post some of my previous silks and show you from recent to past history what I can do.

The pictures here show my most recent work which sadly enough was commenced at the beginning of 2006 and hasn't been completed due to many excuses and distractions.

The first shot is a detail of melded colours with a copper gutta to highlight the pattern I was working on.
The next shot shows a detail of the pattern developing in a very free mode, I create as I go and always have the design in my 'head' and occasionally sketch down my ideas, but mainly use my canvas (the 'silk') for bringing out the final design.

The third shot is taken in the back courtyard (the house I live in has very ugly colours throughout, Oh the irony!) anyway this shot was not taken to highlight the ugly house but the overall length of canvas I am working on which when finished will be a silk scarf. The scarf measures 1500mm (length) x 150mm (width). A standard I find that wraps around the neck nicely.

February 27, 2007


'lillisparrow' is my dream coming to fruition. This blog is solely going to be about the development of my design work commencing with my painted silk projects.
I have in the pipeline my silk scarves which is the starting point of the 'lillisparrow' journey.
I have, since I was a young girl wanted to have my work appreciated, displayed and sold. I am finally putting it out there. This site will develop and grow and change as I develop and grow with my work and I look forward to any feedback along the way.
Now to photograph my work and have it up on the site by the end of the year.
cheers for now,