March 14, 2011

Lost in translation....

Well, I certainly am the biggest fibber of all time. My last post, when was it May 2009?... had me decree that I was all set to go back into production with my silk painting, but no what happens is I became pregnant and within weeks of that last post I had very strong morning sickness for 3 months. Anyway to cut a long story short I have since had another beautiful baby, called Sebastian who will be turning One at the end of this month! So we have much to celebrate.

However I digress, basically I am determined to resurrect "Lilli Sparrow" and instead of grand statements I am going to pull out my old silks and photograph them, then post the photographs up on this blog. I have been in a rather big state of creative lull, where I was feeling my work wasn't developing in a way that I liked. That and with the time constraints of working whilst pregnant and looking after 2 other little people left me very tried and consumed with family life and not tending to my creative needs nearly enough. However, almost 2 years later (can you believe it) I am feeling alot more energised and ready to 'take flight' to coin a well used phrase.

As well as setting up my freelance Interior design business I am going to be revisiting my passions, as in creating artwork, painting silk etc (I'll embellish on this further, later). I am truly wanting to get back in touch with all the aspects of my life that I have left floundering or laying low, especially my hobbies, interests and recreation.

So as of tomorrow which is my day where two children are at school & kindy, leaves me the opportunity to upload the first of my 'Old' work where I can scrutinise and decide if it's worth 'developing further', 'framing' or being a 'one off' piece. I welcome any feedback, laughing to myself as I may well indedd be talking to myself. However I have never had a problem with that, just shows my creative thinking is back ;)...

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